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Where do we source our wood from?

At River Martin Studios we source our wood from a distributor that works closely with their suppliers to ensure that Responsible Forestry Practices are being followed. Their log and lumber suppliers actively combat illegal logging, and have policies in place regarding planned felling, minimum tree diameter, and felling rotation to ensure regrowth.

What does the estimated workbench arrival time mean?

This is the timeframe we estimate before we start crafting your unique piece, dependent on orders placed before yours. These times are subject to change if orders are placed before you place your order or if someone puts a rush order add-on, which bumps them ahead in line. We will update you when your piece arrives on our workbench and is in the hands of our master craftsman.

What glitter colors do we offer for our channel rings?

Here are pictures of the available glitter colors we have in stock:
(click the images to enlarge them)