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Meet The Craftsmen

Hello fellow adventurers! We are Justin and Dezerae, a Husband and wife partnership. We have worked hard to bring you RiverMartinStudios, which admittedly did not start as a company idea. Justin is a fullstack website developer, software engineer, and a videogame developer working on his own video game. Dezerae is a writer working on the story, script, & character development for Justin’s game and working on getting into Health Administration/Patient Advocacy to better health literacy so that patients can make the best decisions for them and make them properly informed.

One of us, me… Dezerae is a colossal renaissance festival fanatic, and I threw Justin into the whirlwind adventure with his first renaissance fair a good few years ago. Needless to say, he was hooked. That was when we really got into crafting pieces for our own costumes, just small things here and there, like jewelry and smaller leather bits. Then crafting became more of a full-time passion that we did in our spare time. Like any good adventurer, we absolutely dived in headfirst, learning, practicing, and honing our skills.

This was when RiverMartinStudios was born because we had far too many people telling us that we should share our skills and why not? Everything we make is handmade except gems, glass, shells, and metals; we aren’t metal smiths… yet. We design and create everything in our home studio (We live in an apartment, let’s be honest, they’re tiny rooms that double as our offices), which is currently based in Central Florida. Because everything is handmade, nothing will be exactly the same as something else. Variances might be small or large, but your piece will be unique.

Justin is the primary woodworker & leatherworker, and Dezerae is the primary earring maker, some leather working, and other random trinkets you may find on your adventure through our site.

Every day is the start of a new adventure, something that has been a theme in our lives. Your decision to come here and find our treasure trove is a part of your adventure for the day. We want to thank you for allowing us to be featured in one chapter of your adventure and entrusting us with making you a piece of unique treasure that you can show off for a lifetime.